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Walvis Bay (English: lit. Whale Bay; Afrikaans: Walvisbaai; German: Walfischbucht or Walfischbai) is a city in Namibia and the name of the bay on which it lies. It is the second largest city in Namibia and the largest coastal city in the country. The city covers a total area of 29 square kilometres (11 sq mi) of land. The bay is a safe haven for sea vessels because of its natural deepwater. Walvis Bay history. The town Walvis Bay (meaning Bay of Whales in Afrikaans) has a changeful history. It was discovered by the Portuguese sailor Diaz, who explored the West African coast from 1482 to 1489, and who sailed into the bay for the first time in 1487 Walvis Bay, town and anchorage in west-central Namibia, lying along the Atlantic Ocean. It constituted an exclave of South Africa until 1992. A mid-19th-century rush for guano deposits on a number of adjacent islands was followed by British annexation of the bay and the adjacent hinterland in 1878 8 December 1487, seeking refuge in a secluded bay, Bartholomeus Diaz discovered Walvis Bay and named it Golfo de Santa maria de Conceicao then in 1784 American whalers started using the bay. The Dutch realizing that there is trade possibilities in Cattle, game, gold and copper, staked their claim on 26 February 1793 with the hoistin

Since the 16th century the Portuguese called Conception Bay Bahia das Bahleas (Walvis Bay), due to the rich occurrence of whales [1]. The next contacts happened nearly two centuries later, when the Dutch East India Company, which had established itself at the Cape of the Good Hope in 1652, decided to explore the Atlantic west coast Walvis Bay med omgivningar annekterades av Storbritannien år 1878 och inkorporerades officiellt i Kapkolonin 7 augusti 1884. År 1910 blev Walvis Bay en exklav till Sydafrika och officiellt en del av Kapprovinsen. När Namibia (tidigare Sydvästafrika) blev självständigt 1990 blev Walvis Bay kvar som en del av Sydafrika Walvis Bay, is a ceety in Namibie an the name o the bay on which it lies. The ceety haes 43,700 indwallers an awns 29 square kilometres o land. The bay haes been a haven for sea vessels acause o its naitural deepwater harbour, protectit bi the Pelican Point saund spit, bein the ae naitural herbour o ony size alang the kintra's coast. Bein rich in plankton an marine life, thir watters an aa drew lairge nummers o whauls attractin whaulers an fishin veshels. The Dutch referred tae it as Walvisch B On a clear day it is visible from afar, standing guard over the lagoon in Walvis Bay. And while most residents and visitors of the coastal towns of Walvis Bay, Swakopmund and Henties Bay are aware of its presence, few are familiar with the history of the lighthouse at Pelican Point Walvis Bay, (pronounced Walfish Bay) meaning Whale Bay in Afrikaans, has had a chequered history. The bay has been a haven for sea vessels because of its natural deep water harbour. Being also rich in plankton and marine life, it drew large number of whales. This attracted whalers and fishing vessels

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  1. Book the most popular Culture & History in Walvis Bay. Best price and money back guarantee! Read the reviews of your fellow travelers
  2. Walvis Bay is handed over to Namibia | South African History Online Walvis Bay is handed over to Namibia 1 March 1994 The South African government ended eighty-four years of control over the Walvis Bay enclave by handing over the port and twelve offshore islands to the Namibian government
  3. Walvis Bay is small cute town by Namibia's coast that is an interesting place with a lot of history. Nowadays, Walvis Bay is mostly known throughout Namibia for its many fisheries. Apart from the fact that it's a good fishing spot, it's also the biggest port in Namibia
  4. The Walvis Bay Military Area was a specific militarised zone bordering South West Africa during the South African Border War. Military equipment was freighted through the harbour to support operations throughout South West Africa
  5. Namport History. Our journey started on 28 February 1994, when Walvis Bay was reintegrated into Namibia and the Namibian Ports Authority Act was passed. The Act placed the Port of Walvis Bay's assets, management and staff back under Namibia's jurisdiction. Since then, Namport, under the auspices of the Ministry of Works and Transport, has been.
  6. The author Brenda Bravenboer wrote: At the end of January / February 1915, rail traffic between Walvis Bay and Swakopmund began with the construction of a connecting line by the troops of the South African Union. The railway line was laid along the beach to avoid the mighty sand dunes

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  1. Brief History. Established in 1964, the Walvis Bay Salt Holdings Group today is a Namibian registered company, consisting of three subsidiaries. During 1976 Sentrachem acquired a 50% shareholding in the business. The salt field was also expanded to a total capacity of ± 370kt at that time
  2. Walvis Bay was for a long period a very isolated place located in the Namib Desert and on the Atlantic coast. Its main asset was a sand spit that allowed for safe anchorage, virtually the only such place along the 1350 km of coastline of Namibia. By the twists and turns of history,.
  3. Walvis Bay Museum. Since its inception the museum functioned mainly as a display centre with no full time curators at hand. However in later years, the Municipality of Walvis Bay appointed a librarian as part time curator who worked in the museum during the morning hours (8:00 - 13:00 pm) only
  4. on the air since 1922, when the old German H.F. Station in Tsumeb was transferred to Walvis Bay. The first radio station in Walvis Bay stood on stilts near the North hospital. In this radi
  5. The strange history of the harbour town. Even though Walvis Bay was fully incorporated into Namibia in 1994, to many Namibians it still has a slight feeling of 'otherness'. Maybe this is because of its confused colonial history and many years as an enclave, or even an 'exclave'

On a clear day it is visible from afar, standing guard over the lagoon in Walvis Bay. And while most residents and visitors of the coastal towns of Walvis Bay, Swakopmund and Henties Bay are aware of its presence, few are familiar with the history of the lighthouse at Pelican Point. History of the Lighthouse Built in the year 193 Walvis Bay Tour Guides is own and manage by the previously disadvantage local community, to promote Local community based tourism beneficial for communities also in the outskirts of Walvis Bay. We are registered with the Namibian Tourism Board (NTB) assuring that all legal prerequisites are met to satisfy the safety and well-being of any interested visitor to The Republic of Namibia The name of this city is Walvis Bay. This part of the video is taken at the intersection between 11th Road and Sam Nujoma Avenue.Walvis Bay is a city in Nami..

History tells us that in 1889 25 German troops under the leadership of Curt Von FranJoise landed at Walvis Bay disguised, ironically, as 'tourists'. Walvis Bay at the time was under British control, and the German troops could therefore not simply march onto British territory in full battle gear History in Walvis Bay, Namibi Discover 2021's top Walvis Bay attractions. Plan visits to Off-Road Tours, Safaris + Kayaking & Canoeing. Book Welwitschia Tour from Swakopmund, Highlights of Walvis Bay Guided 1/2 Day Tour (shore excursion) + Sandwich Harbour Half-Day 4x4 Tour (5 hours) from Walvis Bay tours Brief History: Walvis Bay was the only decent deep water port on the South West African coast. As such, the Royal Navy took an interest in the port and were worried about it falling into their rivals hands. The port was annexed in 1878. This was a period of expansion for the British in Southern Africa The Walvis Bay Enclave with a size of 1.124 km2 was formally incorporated into the South African Cape Colony by the Cape Governor, Sir Hercules Robinson, on 7 August 1884

A VIRTUAL carnival atmosphere enveloped Walvis Bay on Wednesday as history was made in the port when four luxury cruise liners came alongside and moore At that stage it was still withholding Walvis Bay, Namibia's trade lifeline, but, by 1994, the city had been returned to Namibia. By then South Africa, led by Nelson Mandela 's Government of National Unity, and the SWAPO Government had embarked on a policy of national reconciliation Walvis Bay, meaning Whale Bay, is a city in Namibia and the name of the bay on which it lies. The town covers a total area of 29km 2 (11mi 2) of land.The bay is a safe haven for sea vessels because of its natural deep-water harbour protected by the Pelican Point sand spit

Maersk made history on 21 June 2020 at the Port of Walvis Bay when they broke their own African record for Reefer lifts on a single vessel, the Santa Rosa. Reefers are containers, which carry refrigerated cargo like citrus, meat and fish. On the day a record of 334 live (full) reefers were lifted at the Port of Walvis Bay Walvis Bay (Bay of Whales) is the Maritime transport centre of Namibia (Southern Africa) Population of Walvis Bay: 63,000 inhabitants. Walvis Bay is the second largest Namibian city; Port of Walvis Bay. The Port of Walvis Bay is an important Logistics port in the Southern African region; Import and export of goods through Namibia, Zambia, the. The Port Walvis Bay is Namibia's largest commercial port, receiving approximately 3,000 vessel calls each year and handling about 5 million tonnes of cargo. The Port of Walvis Bay is a secure, efficient and world-class port. Temperate weather conditions are experienced all year round and no delays are caused by weather Swakopmund, town, northwestern Namibia, on the Atlantic Ocean coast about 20 miles (32 km) north of the port of Walvis Bay and 175 miles (280 km) west of Windhoek, Namibia's capital. During the summer (December-January) the territorial administration moves from Windhoek to Swakopmund, where th

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  1. Skeleton Bay lies just to the west. On a map, it looks straightforward. But there is no direct route to get there. Instead, we follow a thin vein of tar south from the town of Walvis Bay that cuts deep into the Namib Desert before veering off-road through a maze of salt pans
  2. Walvis Bay is a city in Namibia located on the western coast, the name is derived from whalefish from when it was a main whaling station in that part of the world. The bay has a natural deepwater harbour, making it a frequent destination for sea vessels. This part of the Atlantic Ocean is rich in marine life, which attracts a lot of whales during certain times of the year
  3. December Climate History for Walvis Bay with monthly averages for temperature, rainfall, wind. Also heat index and climate charts
  4. The break is about 6 hours away from Namibia's capital, Windhoek, on the outskirts of Walvis Bay. Getting to the wave will require a 4×4, and possibly a guide. You can either drive up from Cape Town, which takes around 24 hours one way. The other option is to fly into Walvis Bay, Namibia, and take an hour-long drive to Skeleton Bay
  5. erals, archaeology, natural history, animals, plants, machinery, past wars, transport methods, art and people. What to do thereExplore the museum or learn more about Walvis bay. What to do thereAny time of the year

Walvis Bay Tourism: Tripadvisor has 7,434 reviews of Walvis Bay Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Walvis Bay resource 1 Walvis Bay Museum, 12th Rd. 09:00-17:00 M-F. Natural science, culture, history, Namib archaeology, maritime, gemstones, etc: these are representative of the types of exhibits here. (updated Sep 2020) Do . There are quite some activities to do in Walvis Bay. Dolphin watching, ☏ +264 64 205 511. Check out Mola Mola cruises for dolphin and.

Find the top-rated and best-reviewed tours and activities in Walvis Bay for 2021. From prices and availability to skip-the-line options and mobile tickets, get all the information you need to make the most of your trip to Namibia Walvis Bay, meaning Whale Bay in Afrikaans, has had a chequered history. It had been discovered by Diaz as early as 1487. In 1795 it was annexed by the British (from the Dutch) and in 1910, Walvis Bay became - like the entire Cape Colony - part of the South African Union Average Weather in Walvis Bay Namibia. The climate in Walvis Bay is comfortable and mostly clear. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 50°F to 71°F and is rarely below 45°F or above 86°F.. Based on the tourism score, the best time of year to visit Walvis Bay for warm-weather activities is from mid November to late May You drive from Solitaire, Namibia and trip ends at Walvis Bay, Namibia.. Now that you know that the driving distances from Solitaire to Walvis Bay is 233.8 km, would you like to view a more detailed map?Well there are a few different ones that you can view which provide a bird's eye view of the terrain on the road map from Solitaire to Walvis Bay.. Of course travel time also has to be taken. This Complex is situated in Walvis Bay, Namibia and offers 24hrs security and strict access controlled entrance and exit. SPECIAL OFFER: FIRST MONTH RENT FREE 2 bed | 1 bath 2 bed | 1 bath 2 bed | 1 bath 2 bed | 1 bath 2 Bedroom units 1 Bathroom Built in cupboards DSTV points pre-installed Quali.

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Posts about Walvis Bay written by Peter Dickens. On the 28th March 1941, when Rear Admiral Guy Hallifax returned from his staff in a civilian registered South African Airways Lockheed 18-08 Lodestar, Registration ZS-AST en-route to Cape Town, which tragically flew into the high ground near at Baboon Point near Elands Bay (Elandsbaai) in dense fog Pro Shop at Walvis Bay Golf Club, driving range at the corner of union street and 5th road! Walvis Bay, Namibia Namibia 0813582281. IQS Walvis Bay Erongo 9 Check-ins. Marconi st 18 Walvis Bay, Namibia 9000 + 264 81 7655446. Jarros Entertainment 9 Check-ins. Hugab str 15a longbeach Walvis Bay, Namibi Things to Do in Walvis Bay, Namibia: See Tripadvisor's 7,431 traveler reviews and photos of Walvis Bay tourist attractions. Find what to do today, this weekend, or in April. We have reviews of the best places to see in Walvis Bay. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions Define Walvis Bay. means the areas comprising - Contracts. Browse A-Z; Browse by Tag: Dictionary. Browse A-Z. Search Dictionary. Resources. Contract Teardown Drafting Featured Webinars Guides & Checklists. About Pricing. History. Sign In. Sign Up. Home. Dictionary. Walvis bay. Walvis Bay definition. Search Within Walvis Bay Definitions.

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  1. Calculations of sunrise and sunset in Walvis Bay - Namibia for April 2021. Generic astronomy calculator to calculate times for sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset for many cities, with daylight saving time and time zones taken in account
  2. Port of Walvis Bay line handlers prepare to take in mooring lines from high speed vessel Swift (HSV-2) as the ship pulls into Walvis Bay, Namibia, May 22, 2012, for a port visit in support of Africa Partnership 120522-N-JL721-013.jpg 2,816 × 2,112; 1.18 M
  3. Geography and History. Walvis Bay (Afrikaans Walvisbaai, German Walfischbucht or Walfischbai, all meaning Whale Bay is a city in Namibia, located on Namibia's West coast and is the largest deep-water commercial port of the country.Walvis Bay is situated just North of the Tropic of Capricorn in the Kuiseb River delta and lies at the end of the TransNamib Railway to Windhoek, and on the B2 road
  4. Below is the Elevation map of Walvis Bay,Namibia, which displays range of elevation with different colours. The elevation map of Walvis Bay,Namibia is generated using elevation data from NASA's 90m resolution SRTM data. The maps also provides idea of topography and contour of Walvis Bay,Namibia
  5. Avresa från Walvis Bay, Namibia till Pretoria, Sydafrika 18-26 april 9-17 maj 16-24 maj Pris per person 2022 (del i dubbelkupé): Pullman suite, från 69 600 kr Deluxe suite, från 93 000 kr Royal suite, från 118 800 kr Avgångar 2022: Avresa från Pretoria, Sydafrika till Walvis Bay, Namibia 5-14 april 27 april - 7 maj 4-14 ma

The offshore supply vessel, Far Sleipner, is now the biggest ship in Walvis Bay's history ever to be lifted out of the water for repairs. This 15 000 gross tons work boat was lifted out of the water by Namdock's floating dock, Namdock III Walvis Bay History and rival claims to sovereignty At present, since possession is nine points of international law, South Africa is in a strong position. Its claim to sovereignty, however, rests on its own colonial experience and its status as heir to British colonial possessions in the region.1

01/01/2014 : 20° à 25°, Ensoleillé.02/01/2014 : 19° à 24°, Ensoleillé. What is the weather like in Walvis Bay (NAMIBIA)? Check the wheather history day by day over the past 6 years for anuary, February, March, April, May, May, July, July, August, September, October, November, December Named after the city on which it lies, Walvis Bay can be found in Namibia, and has a history dating back to 1487. We take a look at some interesting facts about this port below. Navigator Bartolomeu Dias fist anchored his ship in what is now Walvis Bay on 08 December 1487, while on an exhibition to discover a sea route to the East via the popular Cape of Good Hope Walvis Bay Metadata This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it

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Walvis Bay Airport, (WVB/FYWB), Namibia - View live flight arrival and departure information, live flight delays and cancelations, and current weather conditions at the airport. See route maps and schedules for flights to and from Walvis Bay and airport reviews. Flightradar24 is the world's most popular flight tracker. IATA: WVB ICAO: FYW Weather history download Walvis Bay Airport . Erongo, Namibia, 22.98°S 14.65°E, 91m asl . Walvis Bay Airport. history+. please log-in. 30 years hourly weather data with history+. Access historical weather information for Walvis Bay Airport with history+. Available worldwide and independent from weather stations WALVIS BAY - The confirmation of a second positive case of Covid-19 involving a correctional facility officer has fuelled fears of community transmission at Walvis Bay. Residents have appealed to the authorities to roll out mass testing as soon as possible to avoid a catastrophe at harbour town

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YOUTH OF WALVIS BAY This is where you BELONG!! FRIDAY NIGHTS 17:30 @ Walvis Bay Community Church #youth #walvisbay #solidrockyouthwb #youtmatte potential of Walvis Bay is undeniable. Colonial origins The separation of Walvis Bay from Namibia was due to a quirk of colonial history. As the only worthwhile natural harbour on a bleak, foggy, desert coast swept by the cold Benguela current, Walvis Bay was annexed by Britain on 12 March 1878. It was used by ships engaged i

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Walvis Bay, closed in on one side by the waters of the Atlantic and on the other by the sand of the Namib desert, has a colourful and long history. In 1878 Walvis Bay was officially established as a harbour and trading post Walvis Bay is Namibia's most important port and the terminus of a railroad from the hinterland. Fishing fleets are stationed there, and the town has fish canneries. Salt is harvested. The Walvis Bay and its surrounding region were annexed by Great Britain in 1878 and incorporated into the Cape Colony. When South West Africa (now Namibia) was annexed (1884) by Germany, Walvis Bay became a British exclave administered by the Cape Colony This page was last edited on 23 Zvita 2013, at 17:07. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply.See.

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It is caused by the rain shadow of the Naukluft Mountains and the cooling effect of the coastal sea temperature by the Benguela Current. Walvis Bay receives only 13.2 millimeters (0.52 in) average precipitation per year, making it one of the driest cities on earth. Despite its dry climate, the city is relatively humid 10 Fast Facts on Walvis Bay Port Navigator Bartolomeu Dias fist anchored his ship in what is now Walvis Bay on 08 December 1487, while on an exhibition... Walvis Bay Port is the largest commercial port in Namibia. According to Namport, this port receives approximately 3000... When Britain and.

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The painful history of the migrant labour system of colonial times is on display at Walvis Bay. Residents, especially the youth are urged to visit the exhibition at the municipality hall to understand the impact of migrant labour system on Namibia's emancipation Definitioner Walvis Bay Namibian harbour town. After Namibian independence in 1990, South Africa retained Walvis Bay until 1994 Walvis Bay is a small quirky town, 30 kilometres south of Swakopmund. The town is focused around the busy harbour with many townspeople employed in the huge fishing and shipping industry that operates out of it. Birdlife of Walvis Bay. As a tourist, one of the most unique and interesting aspects of Walvis Bay is the huge natural lagoon Walvis Bay hat 62.096 Einwohner auf einer Fläche von 32,5 Quadratkilometer. Sie ist die drittgrößte Stadt des Landes und mit einer Einwohnerdichte von 1889,1 Einwohnern pro km² die mit Abstand am dichtesten besiedelte. Walvis Bay liegt an der Atlantikküste rund 30 Kilometer südlich der Stadt Swakopmund. (de Walvis Bay hospital sued for negligence A Walvis Bay woman is suing the health ministry for N$2.3 million for the loss of her daughter, who bled to death in the town's state hospital

Profile page of horse WALVIS BAY Disciplines: Eventing Walvis Bay (afrikanse Walvisbaai, germane Walfischbucht aŭ Walfischbai, ĉio signife Balena Golfo) estas urbo en Namibio kaj la nomo de la golfo ĉe kiu ĝi kuŝas. La urbo havas 85,000 loĝantojn kaj enhavas 29 km² de tera areo [2] Walvis Bay, Namibia's Jewel A place of humble beginnings... 1487 - 2011. Mogamat Salie Saban. ISBN 9789994572502. Technical Advisor: Shaheed Saba

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Sea Flower Walvis Bay to employ 450 - Sakenuus Bay at a cost of N$530 million represents the single biggest investment in the Namibian fishing industry in recent history. Employment Already more than 655 jobs were created at Sea Flower Pelagic Processing at Walvis Bay,. Average prices of more than 40 products and services in Walvis Bay, NamibiaApr 2021. Prices of restaurants, food, transportation, utilities and housing are included

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Of these, 72 are from Walvis Bay and one from the Khomas Region, but with a travel history from Walvis Bay. Other towns and localities where new cases have been recently confirmed include:. Find Fishing Companies in Namibia and get directions and maps for local businesses in Africa. List of best Fishing Companies in Namibia of 2021 Walvis Bay is a great place to learn how to kite surf or to brush up on your kite surfing / wind surfing skills. Sky Diving. Experience Namibia from a new perspective, but this one is not for the faint of heart. Stand Up Paddle / Kayak. Enjoy our beautiful lagoon with family and friends

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Walvis Bay Community Church, Walvis Bay. 2,096 likes · 26 talking about this · 197 were here. Religious Organizatio Walvis Bay - Observations | Namibia Weather History. This website uses cookies. Read about how we use cookies. OK Comments Membership info Register new Login. City: Home; Forecasts. UK Forecast Walvis Bay. Graph [P] Table; Data Download Shop Max temperature; Min. Get the forecast for today, tonight & tomorrow's weather for Walvis Bay, Erongo, Namibia. Hi/Low, RealFeel®, precip, radar, & everything you need to be ready for the day, commute, and weekend Modern Self Catering Dolphin Beach - Modern Self Catering Dolphin Beach apartment is nearly 2 miles from Flamingo lagoon. This venue consists of 2 bedrooms

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Walvis Bay överfördes från Sydafrika till Sydvästafrika 1922, och sedan åter till Kapprovinsen 1977. The South African government transferred administration of Walvis Bay to SWA in 1922 and then transferred it back to the Cape Province again in 1977. WikiMatrix THE police at Walvis Bay have warned Swakopmund and Walvis Bay residents, especially business communities, to be on the lookout for suspected robbers on the prowl in the two towns INSTITUTIONS and residents of Walvis Bay owe the municipality more than N$416,5 million. Walvis Bay debt reaches N$416m - The Namibian Main Navigation - 2021-04-20, 19:52:38 - rea Walvis Bay, que significa Bahía Ballena (en afrikáans: Walvisbaai, alemán: Walfischbucht o Walfischbai) es una ciudad de Namibia con una población de unos 80 000 habitantes, está enclavada en la homónima bahía de Walvis, al oeste del país.. La bahía ha sido un refugio para buques debido a su puerto de profundidades naturales, protegido por una lengua de arena de Punta Pelícano Omaruru Farmers Market Omaruru Farmers Market - Saturday 24 April from 09h30 at Atlantis Sport Club WALVIS BAY Fresh Farm produce, Quails, Bratwurst, Sosaties, Japanese food, Seafood Deli products, ice cold Beer, and lots more. Live Music. Info 081 2115 13 Empty houses in Walvis Bay the reason why scenes like this has become regular Added by Editor on 23/04/2021. Saved under Latest News Tags: community news, HL, latest news. A resident of the lagoon suburb was simply flabbergasted by this sight earlier this week of a man bathing himself on the fish cleaning station at the Walvis Bay lagoon

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